Virtual Desk Assessments

Personalised Work Station Assessments provide expert assessment, analysis and advice on your employee’s work area.

The aim of the assessment is to identify any risk factors which may be causing current or potential musculoskeletal problems, or maybe reducing work performance and productivity.

Poorly set up workstations can put your employees at risk of injury.

Sitting for prolonged periods of time with poor posture or using the wrong equipment can lead to back and/or neck pain, and joint problems.

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Specialist Workstation Assessment

Specialist DSE workstation assessments to end users that need more of a one to one approach and are usually in some kind of discomfort/pregnant/have a condition or have been in an accident.

Anyone out of the norm falls into the ‘specialist’ category.

Session Overview :

30-minute telephone assessment to discuss the end-users daily routine and any discomfort in more detail.

Any changes that might need to be made are discussed, or if anything else is required, is recommended in a report 24hrs after the session

Workstation Overview Assessment

This service is for companies that want to make sure their employees are set up correctly in their home working environment.

Session Overview:

We will require a number of photographs of the employees working at their normal home set up.

We look at aspects such as the desk, chair, desk layout, breaks, and make sure the employee is set up correctly.

Any changes that might need to be made are recommended in a report delivered 1 day after the session.

Workstation Overview Information

This group session will stream live on Zoom or a platform of your choosing.
Duration 30 minutes (10 minutes Q&A)


Minimum 6 employees
Maximum 12 employees


Agenda :
– Workstation aspects – work surface and chair setup
– What to avoid
– Working environment
– Desk layout
– Keyboard and mouse positioning
– Screen height
– Breaks

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