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We understand that engagement and employee wellness is a key priority for businesses. The workplace wellness umbrella is huge – we specialise in a niche but vital part of it – expert treatments & services that make a difference to your employees everyday. Our treatments and services are relevant, engage and ensure your employees feel they are valued.

One focus is in working with you implement your onsite wellness services.  Our designed material is available for you to help drive engagement and content on benefits is available to encourage uptake.  Any wellness programme needs visibility and encouragement to ensure uptake and success in the first instance.

For further information contact us for a quote or to find out how delivering wellness can work for your company.

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✓ Expert Team

81% of our clients say they strongly agree that the RTG specialists provide an excellent service to their team*.   Our reputation is built on our team dedication to their on-going corporate clients.  They are able to achieve real results and gain real rewards by providing workplace wellness.

✓ Inspiring Services

We focus on the core services that change the everyday for the employees of your company.

✓ Clear Benefits

Creativity, inclusion, team spirit, worth, motivation and energy are powerful benefits brought by delivering group Pilates or Yoga and office massage services. They do not require technology, apps or administration. They bring constant and real tangible benefits.

✓ Helpful Support

We have been told that the support we provide is key to the success of any service you start.  From a back office team on hand to help and resources to encourage uptake we are a small team – always available to help.

✓ Less than the rest

When it comes to providing workplace wellness, RTG is 20% less in cost than our two main competitors and 81% of our clients agree that we are good value for money*. Enquire to receive our discounted rates for annual and ongoing bookings.


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