Why Treatments at Work…Work

Corporate wellness is important. Think about it, when employees feel appreciated, workplace productivity rises.


Typically people spend more hours at work than they do anywhere else, so why wouldn’t they want that to be an environment where they know they are valued and those they work for are happy to show that.  It’s impossible to make work stress-free – we know that’s not the end goal. But a little appreciation goes a long way.


The large umbrella of ‘corporate wellness’ has become a buzz word and we say and rightly so – the type of corporate wellness that we deliver that is hands on, that people feel and relate to – works. As employers are recognising the growing importance and multiple benefits of onsite wellness services, more employees are spending their time feeling positive at work.  We know through our surveys the qualitative feedback – and it’s powerful. Powerful to the extent that people tweet about how they feel about their company providing the services.


Reduce Stress, Retain Staff

People stick with a company when they have a high sense of high worth – in short – because they feel valued. Not because of their salary, or flashy company car, but because their efforts are appreciated. Let’s face it, people do a much better job when they’re motivated.


However, for many people, the daily stresses of work, looming deadlines and strict targets can often become too much. Research had found the total number of reported work-related stress, depression or anxiety cases in 2015/2016 was a staggering 488,000, accounting for 37% of all working days lost[1].


We understand that a priority for any business is to hold on to their best team members. Our office massage treatments are proven to reduce work-related tension and, in as little as 10 minutes (and by that we mean regularly!) leave staff feeling calm, refreshed and refocused. Managing stress and taking a few short moments out, can leave you with significantly less staff absence in the long run. Everyone needs time to recuperate before they burn out.


Change Behaviours, Create a Community

Changing behaviour doesn’t happen in a day. We know that. However, over time, small changes will make a big difference to each day.


How often has a bad experience affected your attitude towards something? The workplace is no different. Boosting spirits and encouraging team members not only increases productivity but also really creates a positive culture which cascades throughout all levels. It enables real sense of community in the workplace, one where people motivate each other and where friendships are formed. What could be better than working in a place that you feel supported? A place where you can interact with, and work alongside, people you enjoy?


“The number one push back from corporates when considering putting in an annual massage or fitness service is how to quantitatively measure ROI.  We understand that problem – at every wellness summit and conference we’ve attended the question unanswered is always this one. However, the qualitative results are powerful and the results when the management are close to their teams are plain to see. 60% of our clients have gone on to increase their contract plan with RTG. They can see the results on the ground,”

Natasha Dwyer, MD, RTG.


Improve Communication, Inspire Your Team

We’re strong believers that you should speak as you wish to be spoken to, especially in the workplace. Good internal communication is a core element in achieving employee wellness and is essential in making employees feel like they genuinely matter.  In fact, research has shown 69%[2] of employees say they’d work harder if they were better appreciated.


A little recognition goes a long way and few words can have a huge impact when it comes to creating an enjoyable working environment. To help drive engagement, we provide supporting communication materials, such as posters to send out and information detailing the benefit of the activity to give teams not only the ability but the incentive to take part.


Treatments at work do work and often make an outstanding difference to the overall productivity and (to throw in a challenging word…) happiness of the office.


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