3 Steps to Lowering Anxiety and
Adopting Resilience in the Workplace

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Marlene van den Berge works with corporate clients across Dublin to deliver
Guided Meditation, Mindfulness and Resilience Courses.
Her experience and presence is key to the success of the courses.

Watch Marlene above explain how the course works, the foundational principles and
the three key elements that are key to making your programme a success:


1/ Communicating to your team to make wellbeing a priority

2/ Ensuring your HR team and senior management are seen to join in – it’s important to show you as a company and your team are on board

3/ Putting in place a longer term plan.  Weekly, Monthy, Annually Рjust so long as your employees know that a focus on Mental Wellbeing is going to become part of their lives.

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Expert  Programme Facilitator РGuided Mediation and Anxiety Reduction

Marlene delivers a full range of guidance and teaching around mindfulness, resilience and stress awareness.
Her teaching is based on her understanding of what is important to her corporate clients – a focus on anxiety reduction, mental health and teaching the tools for ongoing resilience.
Her aim is to bring ongoing programmes to teams that change how they view the importance of their mental health.

Presentation Style

Approachable and Engaging
Calm and Measured
Inspiring and Informed


Each company designs with us their own programme.
We will send you the full agenda details and you work with us to choose what you wish your team to receive.
Marlene will have material to leave with participants and can work with you in advance to prepare material specific to your concerns and industry needs.


Prices are not dependent on the number of attendees.