The Summer (Away from the) Office Party

Summer is here and the warm sunshine is turning everyone’s thoughts to beach days, picnics and a variety of other outdoor activities. This can make the workplace seem a little stale and have your employees daydreaming out the window more often than usual. Aside from having a team of scientists and engineers on hand to change the seasons overnight, there is very little you can do to combat these summertime office blues. Notice that I said “very little” instead of nothing. That’s because there is something that your company can do to help increase summertime productivity while keeping your employees focused on the task at hand; throw a summertime wellness party!

Whatever you prefer to call it, a wellness party, away day or pampering away from the office event, it still boils down to one thing; an afternoon dedicated to your staff and their overall happiness and well-being.

With a wide range of options, venues and themes, it is now easier than ever to throw a summertime away from the office party and show your appreciation to your staff. Whether you choose to do the planning yourself, or have an employee do it for you, an away day can be whipped up in no time that will offer fun, excitement and a way for your employees to de-stress and relax for a while.

By throwing a summer wellness party, you are not only giving your staff a much needed break where they can focus on themselves, you are also giving your company’s productivity a boost as happier employees are known to work harder and be more creative.

Remember, this Summer Office Party is all about wellness; the fun is just a welcome side effect. To help you focus on the wellness side of things, offer an array of services that are cost effective and designed to help your employees look and feel their best.

Some of the more popular services that you could offer your staff include mini massages, manicures and pedicures, hair and makeup styling, facials and threading, all of which make for a relaxing afternoon of team bonding, stress relief and a feeling of overall wellness that is shared by everyone present.

When you look at it that way, it’s a win/win. Your employees get to blow of some steam while socializing with their coworkers and you get a much stronger workforce Monday morning back at the office.

What are you waiting for? Start planning your Summer (Away from the) Office Party today and give your employees a positive boost of energy that is directly focused on their wellness and productivity.