A nutritional programme to meet your needs

Working with teams to instil an ongoing understanding of how nutrition affects our mind, awareness and resilience and performance.
Delivering a full spectrum of nutritional presentations that inspire and engage employees. Tailored to suit your company.

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Expert  Programme Facilitator – 360 Nutrition

Clarissa is a registered nutritional therapist and is also a member of BANT (The British Association of Nutritional Therapists) and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Health Care Council).
Clarissa delivers a full range of topics around nutrition based on her understanding of what is important to our corporate clients – a focus on performance, mental health and resilience.
Her aim is to bring ongoing programmes to teams that change how they view the importance of their nutrition.

Continuous training and further learning courses enable Clarissa to gain increased expertise, ensuring she is abreast of new findings and developments in the captivating scientific field of nutrition.

Presentation Style

Approachable, Informative, Engaging
Energetic, Fresh and Focused


Each company designs with us their own programme of nutritional talks and clinics.
We will send you the full agenda details and you work with us to choose what you wish your team to receive.


Prices are not dependent on the number of attendees.

Key Benefits for your Team

Ability to ask and receive answers on their individual overall health

3 key changes they can make for their individual health today

Written document with advice/changes for each participant

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