Improving Mental Resilience & Performance

with Laura Clark

Improving Mental Resilience and Performance With Laura Clark

About the workshop: Understand the complex topic of why you eat what you do, your specific eating type and consequences of your actions. In-depth, informative and vital.

About Laura: Chosen dietitian for ITV’s The Biggest Loser and Lose Weight for Love for BBC1. A member of and spokesperson for the British Dietetics Association.

Style: Academic, detailed, evidence led.

Structure A 90 minute session delivering to a group of between 5-10 people is ideal. Laura can also deliver to a larger group.
Follow up notes will be sent.

Price The price is not dependent on the number of attendees.
A 90 minute session is £378 (i.e, 10 attendees, £37.80 per attendee).

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Session plan

1/ Setting the scene – about your company and about Laura

2/ What eating personality are you?

3/ Addressing the corporate nutrition conundrum – what delivers a healthy, productive employee?

4/ Definitions of healthy

5/ Microscope on macros

6/ Let’s compare – what’s available? What to choose?

7/ Understanding your office eating culture – spotlight on savvy snacking

8/ Personalised eating personality plan

9/ It’s a jungle out there… how to make the right choices

10/ Will power or design power?

11/ Bringing it all together

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