Mindfulness and Productivity

With Mark Westmequotte

RTG Mindfulness With Mark Westmequotte
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About the workshop

An in depth guide to how to turn vulnerabilities into strengths using the power of the mind. Harnessing, understanding then utilising learning to be more productive and in control.

Expert Mindfulness Practitioner and Tutor

Practised Astophysisist and Zenways 100hr Advanced Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher.


Calm, considered, science based


This workshop gives a 90 minute introduction to a group up to 10 people. Mark can deliver a presentation to a larger group. Follow up notes will be sent.


Prices are not dependent on the number of attendees. Please enquire for full details.

Aims of the session

Introduce wellbeing and mindfulness and how they’re related

Identify why taking responsibility for your own wellbeing is so important

Gain experiential understanding of mindfulness – what it is to be present in the moment

Take home learning

Successful employees are susceptible to vulnerabilities that come about because of their success.

Your wellbeing is your own responsibility

Mindfulness is a critical skill in supporting wellbeing

It’s not good enough to just know about mindfulness, you have to experience and practice it.

Session plan

Interactively introduce characteristics of successful employees (well-educated, self-motivated, competitive, etc.) and show how this leads to vulnerabilities (focus on control, winning & dominance, over-identifying with goals, etc.) and how the mind affects how we experience our work-lives (e.g. not being able to sleep)

Interactively identify (individual/general) sources of anxiety/stress (in the workplace)

Introduce concept & characteristics of wellbeing and why aforementioned vulnerabilities can lead to low sense of wellbeing

Introduce concept of mindfulness. Working with our concentration and awareness to improve our day-to-day experience of our work lives, setting intention for compassion/kindness and gentleness towards others and ourselves, allowing and accepting things as they are. It’s like a workout for your mind with effects akin to a physical workout in the gym.

Experiential practices: Counting/following the breath mindfulness practice; body-scan standing up.

Finish with time for Q&A

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