Compassionate Mindfulness

with Alex

Compassionate Mindfulness Workshop

Quick to forgive faults in others successful professionals can be destructive in their relentless critique of themselves. Learn and practise to stop draining energy and start harnessing the power of self-respect.

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Expert Trainer – Compassionate Mindfulness

Ex-journalist, Alex spent two years as the resident naturopathic physician at the University of Westminster before she joined the Light Centre Belgravia in London in 2012. She is currently the principal mindfulness facilitator and general health practitioner at the centre and lectures regularly in the London area.

Alex is registered with the General Council and Register of Naturopaths and trained with Enter Mindfulness, registered with the UK Network of Mindfulness-Based Teacher Trainers.


Controlled, deeply knowledgeable, kind


A 90 minute introduction to a group of between 5-10 people is advisable, followed by a 5 session course to make the learnings part of regular habit.


Prices are not dependent on the number of attendees.

Key Benefits

Reduce stress

Enrich your enjoyment of work

Improve mental, physical and emotional health and resilience

Become more focussed and productive

Improve mental, physical and emotional health and resilience

Enhance working relationships

Become more focussed and productive

Improve patience and empathy


Learning: What is mindfulness?

The key benefits of mindfulness and compassionate mindfulness

Understanding the science behind mindfulness practice

Practical everyday mindfulness practice techniques

Toolkit of practices – integrating learnings into your every day life

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