Yoga Intimidating? 4 Reasons You Should Not Feel This Way

There are people who are into yoga and there are those who have been meaning to attend a yoga class but find different reasons not to push through. Many have talked about how yoga has helped them in many aspects of their lives, from their relationships to their careers. Doctors even recommend this to their patients because of the health benefits of yoga. Despite the number of practising yogis and the people expressing their interest in the practise, there are still those who are hesitant to attend class and be with a group of strangers. They simply find yoga intimidating. However, yoga should never be intimidating even for newbies. Here are some key points to focus on to sell into your team:

It is not a problem if you think you are not flexible.

Some individuals are wary to attend yoga classes because they are not only intimated by yoga itself but of the other yoga students who are flexible enough to do head stands and other poses. This should not really be a concern to someone who has not attended any class or have the flexibility to keep pace. The key to address this concern is to take a class that is appropriate for your level. You can join a yoga beginner’s class where you will be taught simple yoga poses and be with students who are also new to yoga.

Do not be afraid if you have injury-related pain. There are people who have been suffering from pain and scared that a yoga practise might make aggravate their condition. This might sound scary at the offing but by taking the services of a yoga professional, you ensure that the instructor knows what he or she is doing and will teach you how to learn the poses in a safe way. Moreover, your yoga instructor will make the necessarily adjustments for you. Just don’t forget to talk to your health practitioner if you intend to attend a yoga class.

It is for all ages.

Some people feel they are too old to join a beginner’s class or to be able to do the poses because of their age. First, it is important to know that yoga, first and foremost, is about building awareness and aims to provide mental health. It does not care much about perfect poses and you can even not do a pose if you find it too hard.

It does not matter if you are not as good with the poses as the others.

Trying different poses for the first time often scares people away from trying Yoga. They are not confident to do the poses and can feel silly in front of peers. This feeling should not be an intimidation because the people in the room will not care and will be too busy with their poses. As for the professional yoga instructors, they are there not to judge you but to ensure your safety in entering and exiting the poses. Return To Glory can be as big or small as you like, making them less intimidating.

Yoga is beneficial and a powerful practise. It does not only give one inner peace, it also makes an individual happy and productive at work. If you are a business owner who wants to have healthy and productive employees, let them enjoy bespoke yoga sessions in the office. Get in touch with us and book for an Events Yoga for your team.

Some of the benefits of Yoga part in Yoga include promote self motivation and reduced sickness absence, as well as an increase in concentration and confidence. Is this your new office activity for 2016? Contract Return To Glory today and see how Yoga could help boost your company moral!