Return to Glory Introduces In Office Physio

Return to Glory is offering our corporate clients In Office Physiotherapy services designed to use a variety of physical methods to treat certain disorders and disabilities. Our physiotherapists will evaluate and diagnose employees and provide a course of treatment including massage, applications of heat or electricity and assistance with mobility devices including crutches. If one of your employees has been injured or has become disabled, Return to Glory can help them feel better and get back to work sooner.

Our workplace physiotherapy can treat and prevent a variety of musculoskeletal problems in the workplace. These can include any bone, joint or muscle problems that your staff might have and can also include stress related problems. If your staff has to take sick leave, you will end up spending twice as much money to get the same amount of work done making our in office physiotherapy service a cost effective way to manage your staff. Workplace physiotherapy services have even been shown to reduce sickness and improve morale.

Our professional physiotherapists will evaluate your staff and provide a physical examination to determine their symptoms and the cause of their ailment. This can be pulled or damaged muscles, nerve damage causing pain and any lack of mobility. Then, they will use the results to determine what the employee needs and what physiotherapy treatment they will use.

This is all done in office at the workplace making it convenient for staff. By having access to physiotherapy in the workplace, many employees will feel better about their jobs and begin to heal faster as they are getting the treatment they need without having to take time off from work or make expensive doctor’s visits.

Contact Return to Glory today to learn more about our in office physiotherapy services and how they can help your employees feel better sooner.