5 Simple Tweaks to Create Happiness in the Office

Having a happy workplace should be the goal of every business owner. It does not only result in content and loyal employees, it also boosts productivity at the office. Google has offered its employees perks from gourmet cafeterias to death benefits, among others. As a result, they have motivated and happy employees.

Some companies offer high salaries and travel incentives but not all business enterprises can afford these. The good thing is, making your employees satisfied is not all about expensive perks and high salaries. There are ways to enhance your teams’ morale and attitude towards work. Here are 5 simple tweaks to building a happy working environment:

Give your employees the autonomy to work.

If you want more confident and competent members of your team, perhaps this is the opportune time to stop being a micromanager who is on top of everything. Let your employees do their jobs and simply be there to ask them what they need to make the job easier for them. By making your employees feel you care about them and show confidence in how they do their jobs, they will be happier and motivated to perform better and be productive.

Consider in-office massage sessions.

Stress can hamper productivity and lead to burnt out employees. As a caring employer, you can let your team enjoy onsite massage treatments such as traditional massage, Indian head massage and Reflexology massage. What’s great about in-office massage treatments is that your employees will not have to leave the office to get rejuvenated. Perhaps you can offer free massage treatments with professional massage therapists for performing members of your team or for those with perfect attendance and who report for work before the shift. This is an effective way to keep them motivated to go to the office every day.

Offer free hair styling and make-up for employees.

Your employees will enjoy free haircuts and other beauty treatments for their productivity and performance. It can be difficult for some to deal with balancing work and family especially for working mums and employees with children. Having their hands full leave them no time to treat themselves for a salon treatment. By sending mobile hair stylists and beauty professionals to your office, you can expect smiling and confident employees feeling good about themselves.

Allow them a day to work remotely.

Successful companies know how to appreciate their people by making their work easier and more convenient for their employees. You can follow these best practices by applying them in how you run your company. Letting your employees work from home at least once a week keeps them from distractions from the office and give them a day without commute. They will enjoy the flexibility and in return, you will have loyal employees.

Give them free yoga sessions.

Forget about expensive travel incentives. Your employees will enjoy little perks like yoga classes in the office or a free yoga class with members of the team. Yoga offers many benefits from managing and reducing stress to improving the immune system. A two-hour yoga session is enough to keep the body relaxed and the blood pressure alleviated. With these health benefits, not only will you have happier employees but also productive and healthier team members.

Creating a happy working environment does not have to be expensive and extravagant.