4 Significant Aspects of Boosting Brain Health

When it comes to aging and wellness, most people rely on what their bodies say. This is why a full body MOT has become popular over the years. However, it is not always about the physical aspect of one’s health. The mind, just like the body, also ages in time and deserves the same attention as the body does. Conversely, for total wellness, there should be a balance in mind, body and soul. Brain health is important to reduce the risks of conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s disease.

Here are four significant aspects of keeping a sound mind:

Stress Awareness

People deal with stress on a daily basis. In fact, a study made on mild stress or the fight-or-flight response yielded results that it can boost a person’s immune system. But chronic and severe stress can be detrimental to health. And although it is part of our existence, not all acknowledge its presence and impact on their lives and health. Stress awareness gives an individual the opportunity to learn about the dilemma, cope with it and live a healthier life. Stress is triggered by many factors, from the environment to the work place and with stress awareness sessions, it will be easier to identify the stressors, their effects on health and ways to manage them.


This practise has also become a popular term nowadays although not everyone fully understands what it is. Mindfulness is synonymous to awareness, focus and living at the moment, among others. Also considered a state of mind, a person who practises mindfulness is engaged in what he or she does, attentive and productive. It is crucial to the enhancement of mental health and interpersonal relationships whether at home and in the workplace. At the office, hourly mindfulness sessions contribute to productivity, stress reduction and better decision making.

Meditation This practise is popular in many cultures all over the world and can be dated back to ancient times. Aside from healing both the body and mind, meditation offers numerous benefits to an individual. Stress and age reduction, better focus, improved brain function and calmness are just some of the effects brought about by meditation. It also has several types which includes mindfulness meditation, mantra, focused, movement and spiritual. At the office, members of the team are the ones who will benefit from meditation sessions. This practice enhances self-motivation, increases concentration and productivity, among others. In the end, employees will be happier and more engaged while production and profit increase.


A balanced diet, complete with fruits and vegetables is also important to keep the mind healthy. By eating food types with high levels of good cholesterol like fish, canola oil and green and leafy vegetables, memory improves and the chances of suffering from dementia are reduced. Complement good nutrition with solving puzzles and other mind-stimulating activities for a sound mind.

For total wellness, the body, mind and soul should be balanced. That said, achieving this takes more than just a body MOT. It is also important to take care of mental and spiritual health. Here at RTG Corporate, we offer meditation, mindfulness and stress awareness sessions. If you want to have healthy employees, get in touch with us today.