Frequently Asked Questions

How can we measure if our programme is a success?
This is one of the most asked questions – whether or not the benefits results of a wellness programme can be measured. The programme can be qualified clearly through thorough employee feedback and monitoring uptake and overall communicated morale. Accurately quantifying the ROI on a wellness programme has been established as nigh impossible – the main challenge being that so many factors contribute to the measurable outcomes of decreased sickness or absenteeism – and an all round wellness initiative do and should include initiatives that go far beyond the services we provide.
(Ref: 6 Power Benefits). However, we can feed into clear deliverables – such as if an intended outcome is increased dehydration or use of an EAP, we can work with you towards that.

Can we set up a subsidised scheme?
We have a facility where a company can set up subsidised Bookings that can be booked online via our platform. You can decide how much to subsidise and which days and treatments will be on offer. You can also track bookings and adjust the level of service that you need.

How do you trade your team?
The trade test process is extensive. All team have to meet a minimum requirement of NVQ level 3 and above or the equivalent in their area of expertise. The real trade test is in testing whether a team member is right for the professional work environment and with different groups of people. Every member of our team has worked on or with our founder Natasha Dwyer and receives on-going feedback and training.

Are RTG the least expensive on the market?
We are not the least expensive or the most. The thing that we are proud of is that the expert team that work on-going through RTG would not do so if they were not being remunerated properly – and providing long term on-going work to exceptional people is part of our core values. And we are glad to see that with a growing base of blue chip companies this approach is delivering well to their employees with the kind of professional team they really value.

Why should we go with the RTG Team?
We thoroughly screen our expert providers and conduct comprehensive interviews and trade tests to make sure our team are passionate about providing a long term, inspiring and engaging service. As well as this employees find real value in Club RTG where they receive 25% off all home treatments, on-going.

Can we get a discount on your prices?
Indeed you can. Every client we take on we price for one off appointments. Once you have settled into on-going appointments or treatments we can discount depending on the amount of sessions booked. Why? On-going appointments take less time planning and team get settled into a role. It benefits both you as a company and the team working with you.

What if we want to incorporate our wellbeing programme into your services?
Many of our clients have a set wellbeing programme and we work with you to incorporate that programme into the services we offer. For instance if you want to incorporate a hydration message into the weekly massage sessions – there is no reason why we can’t do that.

We run night shifts or want to reward teams that work into the night – can you accommodate us?
Yes, we have a group of night therapists who work for exactly this reason. Late evening projects can be exhausting and onsite team provide not only a mental and physical lift but also a boost to morale.