Focus15 – team sessions

Across our three wellbeing specialties of Nutrition, Mental Wellbeing and Physical Fitness our corporate wellness team bring to you an online programme designed for maximum flexibility and easy engagement.

SHORT > 15 Min sessions once or twice per week

EFFECTIVE > Your team are inspired, bonded and connected

ENGAGING > The online sessions are enjoyable, some are more serious mixed with others that are energetic and light-hearted.

You can:

> Set the drop-in sessions at a specific time each day

> Carve out different teams or enable all employees to join

> Have Q&A sessions after each online programme

> Sculpt the material depending on your requirements.

This new resource has been designed with our clients in mind.

Feedback from the online programmes has been very strong and together with our clients we learned how to combat stress in an ongoing way and stay connected


FOCUS 15 is:

> With a wide range of new material each week

> A full range of engaging programmes across Mental Health, Physical Health, Sleep Best Practice and Nutritional Learning.

> Delivered by experts and specialists in their fields

Over the next few months we will be encouraging our existing and new clients to try the Focus15 Support Hub and the benefits that it can bring.


> Constantly inspiring
> New material each week
> A wide range of engaging programmes
> An ongoing support for employees
> Delivered by experts and specialists in their fields


Why choose RTG?

✓ Proven Experience

Over 14 years of successfully serving 200+ blue-chip and SME clients with an exceptionally high repeat and return client rate.

✓ Nationwide Reach

Delivering a wide range of services across London and across the UK and NI.

✓ Personalized Service

Our small operations team allows clients to tailor our services to their specific wellbeing program needs.

✓ Expert Network

Access to over 300 corporate experts, including trainers, therapists, nutritionists, and mental health specialists.

✓ Clear Benefits

Ongoing services promote inclusion, counter isolation and loneliness, and foster genuine connections between office teams.

✓ Value for Money

We aim to provide long-term wellness benefits at a fair price by encouraging corporate clients to implement ongoing wellness programs to build workplace connections and relationships.

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