To Break or not to Break?

Recent studies here in the UK and abroad have shown that, by today’s standards, breaks don’t work. Now, before you get up in arms about that statement, let me explain. Those studies are based on the current state of the workplace break and what it usually entails. Typically, a break lasts 20-30 minutes, happens twice daily and involves coffee or tea, a snack and some friendly non-work related conversation. What could be so wrong with that? Productivity has increased slightly and your employees are refreshed and re-energized. Or are they?

Those same studies also show that in half of the above time, meaning just 20-30 minutes only once per day is all that is required to increase productivity using any variety of relaxation techniques. So by offering employees a 20 minute yoga break or a 30 minute mid-day massage can both increase an employee’s sense of self-worth to the company as well as increasing productivity at the same time.

You might be asking yourself about the travel time the employee incurs going to and from the nearest yoga studio or massage therapist right? What if your company was able to offer these services in the workplace? That would save time, increase productivity and boost employee morale. That’s a win-win-win in my book.

So let’s break this down by the numbers listed in the report. An average 20-30 minute employee break of refreshments and conversation taken twice daily can increase productivity 17%. That equals one hour of time for a 17% increase in work rate.

Now, we have the same 20-30 minute break period, this time with a massage, manicure, yoga or other useful service, taken only once per day, can increase productivity a whopping 57%! That’s 30 minutes for a 57% increase in work and a much happier workforce as well.

As you can clearly see, the added benefit of a relaxation massage or mind clearing yoga session, can get your employees re-energized and make your business that much more successful. What do you think? Could your business use a productivity boost?

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