RTG Supports National Stress Awareness Day

Ahead of National Stress Awareness Day on Wednesday 5th November here’s 4 reasons why Onsite Massage in the workplace can help combat stress related issues and generally increase team morale.

  • EEG patterns monitor enhanced performance and alertness following regular massage treatments – these effects derive from the decrease in stress hormones.
  • Regular treatments work to reduce a person’s general susceptibility to anxiety.
  • Onsite Corporate Massage can ease both chronic and non-specific low back pain during and in the days or weeks after the massage treatment.
  • With an on-going course, massage therapies reduce sub-clinical depression.

Here’s a list of the different onsite massage treatments available to your team and that will help combat stress:

  • Traditional Onsite Massage
  • Onsite Trigger Point Therapy – involves deactivating trigger points that cause local pain.
  • Onsite Reflexology Massage – works across the hands and feet on the points related to the organs, glands, and systems of the body.
  • Onsite Corporate Indian Head massage – working across the neck, shoulders and scalp.

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