Red carpet treatments for your staff.

As part of London’s leading B2B wellness and mobile treatment service we often receive briefs outside of the typical wellness arena where clients are looking to entice and engage their teams through a bespoke and personalised approach.

A recent brief from a London based investment company allowed us to explore this concept with convincing feedback and results.

It was an occasion to reward and treat the ladies in what is typically a male-centric workforce but this time with a twist. There is no doubt that onsite treatments (massage, manicures, hair & make-up) deliver the message “we care about you” from an employer (we should know- it is what we do!) but this employer wanted to go that extra mile and do that something a little different. Something that employees could use in both their professional and personal lives – namely Colour Profiling and Consultation.

It happens all too often that we may look at an outfit, an eye-shadow, a nail polish and hope it will suit us only to be disappointed as it makes us look washed out or more simply put just doesn’t look right on us. But why? Colour consultation eliminates this and allows clients to understand what colours are for them and what colours to avoid.
A personal or group colour consultation will demonstrate:

  • What your ‘dominant’ colouring is and how this determines why certain shades complement your natural colouring more than others.
  • The make-up shades that suit you naturally and how to achieve the look you want both at work and play.
  • How best to wear the colours you already have.
  • How to co-ordinate your wardrobe and achieve more outfit combinations without having to buy more clothes.
  • Where to find your colours this season.

Providing this session to a group of 20 proved both successful and enjoyable with the team reconsidering their summer wardrobe and also thinking about staples in their closet that could be dusted down and brought back out. The beauty of a session like this is that it can be delivered to either an individual or group and can last from as little as 20 minutes to a full 2 hour session.

But how does this fit into wellness and rewards in the workplace?

The concept of wellness covers a broad spectrum of products, initiatives and schemes in the corporate world but ultimately the end goal is the same:

From the feedback and reactions of the attendees on the evening of this event it was safe to say it delivered the aim of making the team happy.

Interactive, fun, practicable and effective this session embodied the objective of wellness in albeit an arguably alternative but highly tangible way.

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