Focus15 – team sessions

Companies need committed partners who are ready to help and be on hand for their employees in a flexible and pro-active way. That’s why we’re so excited about the Focus15 Team Sessions, a way in which you can give your teams access to a drop in online Wellness.
It’s an easy, centralised place to
get the access they benefit from in easy, bite-sized and consistent way.

The Focus15 Sessions provide an ongoing programme of wellness to allow your teams to drop into their private company sessions as they wish.
Fifteen minute tutorials, workshops and clinics that ensure teams feel connected, part of a team and still engaged with the wider wellness message. 


You can:

> Set the drop in sessions at a specific time each day
> Carve out different teams or enable all employees to join
> Have Q&A sessions after each online programme
> Sculpt the material depending on your requirements.


This new resource has been designed with our clients in mind. Feedback from the online programmes has been very strong – and over the next few months we need to work with our clients to ensure employees engage with online wellbeing, learning how to combat their stress and stay connected with each-other. Most importantly, the work we do is to ensure employees know that they are in no way alone. 


Home working is not like office working – it can be unpredictable and timetables are not set.
With this comes a need for suppliers to be flexible and work around those challenges.
Zoom fatigue is real – yet there is a need for connection.
Short, engaging and inspiring learning, guidance and connection is what this is designed to deliver.

Over the next few months we will be encouraging our existing and new clients to try the Focus15 Support Hub and the benefits that it can bring.


> Constantly inspiring
> New material each week
> A wide range of engaging programmes
> An ongoing support for employees
> Delivered by experts and specialists in their fields


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