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What Fun! Seriously….

Introducing Corporate Laughter Yoga for Events and Wellness Weeks Companies are regularly asking us what we can do that is a little different – services to motivate and inspire their people to try something new. Many employees are more likely to try something that they see...

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Read our manifesto!

It's a wonderful business to be in when you know the services you provide empower and energise people. We are delivering real life experiences - engagement with real human beings and services that drive positivity and confidence. For instance, massage makes people refreshed, they can...

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Collaboration and Mindfulness – How and Why

Why working together well is more important than ever Collaboration in the workplace can be a tricky subject. On the one hand, we are social animals. On the other, we drive each another up the wall with our annoying habits. Collaboration, working together to produce a...

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Yoga or Pilates – Which is Right for Your Office?

We’ve all experienced how sitting in front of a computer – often strained and under pressure - can leave your upper body, neck and shoulder muscles feeling tense. In our traditional working positions, we place unnecessary strain on our upper back and lower spine, leading...

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