Collaboration and Mindfulness – How and Why

Why working together well is more important than ever Collaboration in the workplace can be a tricky subject. On the one hand, we are social animals. On the other, we drive each another up the wall with our annoying habits. Collaboration, working together to produce a...

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Yoga or Pilates – Which is Right for Your Office?

We’ve all experienced how sitting in front of a computer – often strained and under pressure - can leave your upper body, neck and shoulder muscles feeling tense. In our traditional working positions, we place unnecessary strain on our upper back and lower spine, leading...

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Why Treatments at Work…Work

Corporate wellness is important. Think about it, when employees feel appreciated, workplace productivity rises.   Typically people spend more hours at work than they do anywhere else, so why wouldn’t they want that to be an environment where they know they are valued and those they work...

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