1-2-1 Mental Health

We are working with our corporate clients to deliver a wellbeing resource that is flexible and prompt to set up with experienced corporate trainers.

To address the mental health challenges that have been presented by the coronavirus pandemic, organisations are being encouraged to take action and support their employees with person on person assistance. All our clients have reported an increase in employee stress, anxiousness and pressure. Delivering support on an ongoing and personal basis is one powerful way to support your most valuable assets – your employees.


 54% HR leaders said they believed stress, burnout, isolation & loneliness has increased since the coronavirus crisis hit

86% of employees who are home working feedback a negative impact on their health.

 30% of employees report increased anxiety

 31% are reporting disturbed sleep.


1-2-1 Counselling                             1-2-1 Stress Awareness

1-2-1  Mindfulness                           1-2-1  Sleep Guidance

1-2-1  Guided Meditation               1-2-1 Nutritional Training


1-2-1 sessions are 20-40 mins each

The sessions can be booked in blocks of 8 or 4

They can be held at a time convenient to your employees – morning, day or evening

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